"Livable ranking"

Japan's No. 1 Inzai City for 7 consecutive years


Toyo Keihin Shimbun announced a "Living-friendly Ranking" for cities in Japan (814 cities as of June 18, 2018). Inzai City received an evaluation that became the first place for seven consecutive years.


In the article, Inzai City has a location advantage on the traffic axis connecting Tokyo and Narita International Airport. It is a residential city where many large-scale commercial facilities and business operators are making inroads, and many people commuting to the vicinity of Tokyo ward and Narita Airport live.


It has been highly appreciated in the four categories of convenience, comfort, wealth, and housing quality. In addition, the “small population (0 to 14 years) growth rate”, which is a new indicator of “reliability,” ranks high with 10th nationwide. It is reported that this has resulted in making the top position stronger.


We are very happy about this kind of evaluation. Last month the population of the city topped 100,000. We do not want to feel relieved to this result, and in the future, we would like to promote town development so that all of you citizens can truly feel the ease of living.


(From city hall HP)