MESSAGE  from Executive


All events in this tournament are not official records of the Athletics Association, so they will not be official records. However, in the past, this event could not be confirmed except for this tournament, and the first victory record of this tournament is directly regarded as "world record" and "domestic record", and this executive committee is recognized as an official record To do.

 Also, the winners of the three races will be identified as the "first champion." The winners of the “Lucky Distance Comprehensive Trial” are the same.

 In addition to "World" and "Japan", "Prefectural Records," "University Records," "High School Records," and "Secondary School Records," etc. will be announced as certified records. We will also announce each item and the ranking by class.

Lucky Seven Distance Championships Executive Committee

 Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Contractor)

 Yusuke Mizukubo (President of the tournament)

 Taikura Taisuke

 Oe Kenichi

 Shin Serizawa