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The 1st participation is the best deal?(2019.3.24)


The distance item of LSD (Lucky Seven Ditance) Championships event is the world's first.

The winning record of each type is recognized as the world record as it is.

From next year onwards, the championship record of the second and subsequent rounds will not be a world record unless it exceeds the championship record of all past tournaments. It can be said that the first year of the year is the most easy to set a world record.

Also, even if it is not the overall victory, it is possible to become a world record holder according to the age, as the subordinates also certify detailed records according to the age. In addition, even if it is not a world record, prefecture record, municipal record are authorized.

So, for example, as it is accredited finely as "Kawhara City Nakahara ward record holder over 50", very many people become "record holder". However, the new birth after next year is expected to continue to be halved every year, so this time is the most profitable.


Even if the record is broken after next year, the title of "Former World Record Holder" will not change for a lifetime, so it will be a lifetime pride.

Also, even if you can not publish the world record this time, if you try hard next year, it may be reachable. It is impossible to set a world record in the field of existing athletics. We hope that many runners can gather at this track and field competition where runners have new goals and dreams.


Executive Committee Chairman